With the advancing age, women face different problems that lead to negative consequences on their appearance. The passage of time causes changes in the body that reflect on how you feel, as well as how you look.

As the woman approaches the end of her 30s and early 40s, her menstrual cycle gradually decreases and becomes irregular, respectively, the access of oxygen to skin cells begins to decline. The skin becomes dehydrated and small dirt particles collect in the pores. Fortunately, the development of modern medicine has reached a stage in which each of us has the chance not only to feel younger, but also to look 10 years younger. The awakening of the goddess hidden in each woman depends solely on taking care of her body and her health. Lately the idea has taken hold that the solution may be in a new product recently launched on the market.

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The brand called Collamask is created by a team of specialists, with many years of experience in the fields of allergy-dermatology, cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology. According to the results obtained from the tests, the product successfully contributes to the reduction of skin problems in less than a month. This, without doubt, could classify it among the most popular methods for beautifying women of all ages.

Collamask has been developed over the years and has undergone numerous tests to achieve the optimum effect in its use. One of the most famous and respected professionals in this field has worked on its improvement, carefully selecting the ingredients and observing how to react when it is applied directly on the skin.

By making the most of them, the specialists who developed the Collamask have managed to make the almost perfect combination between the different natural products. As a result, the mask does not cause allergies, is suitable for all skin types and by its nature is not comedogenic.


Non-comedogenic ingredients are used for products intended for direct application to sensitive, irritable and dry skin. The name comes from the fact that this type of products are organic and do not cause a clogging of the pores. They are absolutely harmless even for people who suffer from so-called "chronic acne". They are regenerative in effect and do not cause irritation.

The mask contains a total of 6 natural ingredients. Thanks to the dermatological research carried out over many years, the team of specialists responsible for creating Collamask has carefully selected this successful combination of bio-ingredients.

In reality, the secret lies in the world around us, in every little miracle created by nature. Collamask's patented composition puts an end to your search for a solution

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In addition to containing a sufficient number of bio-ingredients and extracts of natural products, the Collamask marker is suitable for all skin types.

Collamask is closer to nature than to pharmaceuticals. The product revitalizes the epidermis of the body in depth and awakens the beautiful smiling girl who lives in each woman.

Varicose veins not only cause an aesthetic problem that affects millions of people worldwide, but also a condition that can affect our quality of life because of the pain it can cause. Now, for its treatment and prevention there is the market variety of products, but one of the most outstanding that we can find today is Varikosette.

This is a topical cream with which we can not only prevent the appearance of varicose veins, but can also be used in the case of their existence helping to eliminate them completely.

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first of all we must look at the origin of varicose veins and their main symptoms

Before we start talking about Varikosette, its performance and benefits, it is essential that we talk a little bit about the problem that the product is going to prevent or cure.

To begin with, you should know that varicose veins can arise for many reasons, although the main ones are excessive physical exercise, poor circulation that can be caused by wearing tight clothing or wearing too many high shoes.

The problem can also arise from inheritance or sedentary life. In this way, both excessive physical activity and inactivity can generate their appearance. On the other hand, it also influences the appearance of the current bad diet, which is lacking in cellulose, bad habits when sitting down and the use of certain hormonal treatments, such as contraceptives.

Now, it is necessary to also talk about the first symptoms that usually occur when the varicose veins problem appears. These symptoms are:

Pain in the area as well as the sensation of heat or burn.

Spasms often occur at night, too.

As you can see, varicose veins can arise for several reasons, although several of them are preventable.

That said, it's time for you to know everything about the Varikosette product.

In short, VariKosette cream is a preventive and curative product for varicose veins that has to present one of the most efficient and safe natural formulas that we can find in the market today.

The use of this cream, along with the elimination of external and modifiable factors that generate varicose veins, can help us to prevent this problem and in the event that it occurs can help us to eliminate the symptoms that occur and are so annoying. These symptoms are pain and inflammation.

Now, this cream also helps:

Improve local blood circulation.

It also improves the tone of the veins and we can not fail to mention its toning and strengthening effect on them.

But how does Varikosette cream do this?

This product works very easily and it is that from the outset enter to combat the main cause that generates the problem of varicose veins. This cause is poor blood circulation. The active ingredients of the product exert their effect by improving blood circulation, thus preventing capillaries from widening, inflaming and closing.

In this way, before buying or using this product it is necessary to be very clear that it acts directly in the veins and it is there that its action or effect is evidenced in an improved blood circulation. With continuous use

you can have veins with a better tone and stronger every day.

Thus, with this action on the veins is that the Varikosette cream promises very safely to help prevent varicose veins or help in their removal and is that if the veins are already plugged, weak and shrunk because it also enters to act on the tissue and helps reduce clot formation.

Knowing the way this product acts in our body and on varicose veins is the time to talk specifically about the ingredients that the formula integrates and the effects or benefits that each of them have to give. These are the following:

Propolis extract: This is one of the main ingredients of this product and it is very beneficial in reducing swelling in the legs or varicose veins. It is also very effective in preventing thrombosis.

Pine turpentine: this not only reduces swelling but also improves circulation and prevents thrombosis of the vein.

The bee essence and honey extract are found as key ingredients of the product and not only help to relieve pain and swelling but also cleanse the venous wall, strengthen it and stimulate circulation.

Olive oil is also part of the Varikosette cream. It stimulates the proper functioning of the circulatory system and is quite effective in reducing tiredness in the legs.

Finally, we must mention two other ingredients from the bee and s

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