2-4% of the world's people suffer of psoriasis! Why should you suffer too?









The price of DENIPLANT 


Treatment for a month cost:


Prices available in Romania (inclusive post taxes)



250 lei(RON) the tea portioned in daily parts


Prices available for exports :


250 lei + 15 euro post taxes




Once entering UE there starts the program :




For treating yourself free you have to support our activity of promoting DENIPLANT in your country so other people could find out and benefit of this treatment. So if you convince 10 patients to use the treatment for psoriasis with Deniplant, you will receive it free

You can obtain personally details about this program contacting me at:


Mobil: +4 0744 82 78 81


Nr.ord.reg.comert/an: F23/383/26.08.2005  
C.U.I. : 17905020  
Adress: Sos. Pantelimon, Nr. 258, Bl. 47, Sc. C, Et.3, Ap.142, Sector 2, Bucharest Romania  
Mobile: :+4 0744 82 78 81  

Correspondence address 
Post office PIPERA Post house Nr. 1,Oras VOLUNTARI , Jud ILFOV Romania ;   









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