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Among the many infections that can detach the skin, one of the most important is mycosis and are especially relevant to the feet (onicomycosis). Intervention is important and necessary, with the antifungal Fungalor it is possible to completely eradicate the fungi and restore the balance of the epidermis. But before we explain how this effective product works, let’s spend a few words on mycosis, so that we can better understand what we are talking about.

Mycosis is a skin condition caused by fungi and yeasts (mycosis dermatophytes) and can occur in various forms. The most common are

Despite the fact that mycosis may affect different parts of the body, the feet are the most subject part, so we speak of onychomycosis. Older people and athletes are the most affected types of people, the first ones because with the passage of age they have a lower blood microcirculation, athletes instead because they are often in contact with wet environments such as showers, where fungus fungi proliferate.

Onychomycosis occurs when the person concerned redness and desquamation begins to smell badly. The nails thicken, turn yellow and begin to flake, until they fall completely, in the most serious cases.

Onychomycosis is not a disease that can heal or regress over time, but if untreated, it is likely to increase in importance and cause other infections. It is therefore essential to intervene with time with products that are effective in the action and lasting over time, the antifungal Fungalor is precisely one of these.

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Fungalor is presented in the form of a mycotic cream and is contained in 60 ml packaging.

Its composition is entirely natural, therefore it does not present, in general, contraindications of any kind, it can be used by both adults and children, perhaps asking for the advice of the doctor.

Fungalor is composed of plant extracts and natural active ingredients that are particularly effective, easily absorbed by the skin and that allow to eradicate onychomycosis in a few days and at the same time prolong the reappearance times in predisposed subjects.

The ingredients that are contained in the Fungalor antifungal cream are, as we have said, natural. We find the following

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Fungalor antifungal antifungal agent can guarantee 100% effectiveness against foot fungicosis. But not only that, it also has a positive effect on the perspiration of the foot, regulating it so as to counteract the proliferation of bacteria.

Using Fungalor on a regular basis will result in the disappearance of nail mycosis, avoiding the need for invasive surgical interventions such as mycosis removal.

The beneficial effects of funalor antifungal cream on the feet are: The following

Fungalor antifungal cream can and must also be used in a preventive manner. Yes, because it is also doing so. It is therefore good that those who do sports and must necessarily come into contact with humid environments where mushrooms and yeasts proliferate, use the Fungalor antifungal cream.

Fungalor antifungal cream should be used in generous quantities directly on the affected area. It is best to insist on the area affected by fungal diseases, taking care to slide the product under the nail. So let the active substances become effective.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say with sufficient certainty that the antifungal agent Fungalor is an effective solution in the fight against onychomycosis. It is quite natural, so there are no contraindications or side effects. The foot enjoys immediate relief and the infection regresses in a few days, Fungalor is able to penetrate even through the very thick skin, reaching in any case mycosis.

It can be used with peace of mind and with the confidence to obtain excellent results even in the presence of important infections.

In a short time the foot returns healthy, without pain, itching or flaking. Mycosis is defeated in a natural and lasting way.

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